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Treating Macular Degeneration

Untreated macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of blindness in those over 65 years old.

While researchers have not yet discovered a cure for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), there are treatment options which prevent the disease from progressing to blindness, and in some cases, they can even improve vision. It’s important to have an open discussion with your eye doctor about the risks and limitations of AMD treatments.

Types of Macular Degeneration:

There are 2 basic types of AMD, the wet form, and the dry form.

  • Dry macular degeneration is considered the less aggressive form of AMD. It typically progresses much more slowly, and the level of eyesight damage is less severe. Dry AMD is detected during routine eye exams, which is why it’s important to have yearly testing. Treating Dry AMD often involves high doses of zinc and antioxidants which have been shown to slow diseases progression.
  • Wet macular degeneration is the more severe form of AMD. It occurs when there is abnormal blood vessel growth (angiogenesis), and leakage, which can cause scar tissue to develop. Treatments include laser surgery, injecting light-sensitive dyes, or AMD medication injected directly into the eye to inhibit angiogenesis.

History of Macular Degeneration?

AMD is an age-related eye disease that runs in families and is a leading cause of blindness in our aging population. There is no cure for this ocular disease, and AMD related vision loss is cannot usually be recovered. There are treatments, and preventative measures that can be taken, if detected early, so routine eye exams are essential.

Preventative Measures For Macular Degeneration

Treatment is only necessary when one has an eye condition or disease, however, prevention allows you to avoid the need for treatment entirely. This is the goal of macular degeneration.

Prevention is more of a global term, which can include monitoring your health, dieting, and exercise, and relying on nutritional supplements, so visiting an eye doctor every year will benefit you far more than following any list of tips.

Early Detection of Age-Related Macular Degeneration is the first step to prevention | Burbank, CA

Either way, your optometrist will likely advise you to do one of the following things especially if you have a history of a generation or show early signs of the condition.

  • Eat green, leafy vegetables or foods rich in lutein.
  • Vitamin formulas like AREDS2
  • Regular Exercise
  • Wearing polarized sunglasses with UVA & UVB protection

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Visit your optometrist regularly by coming to Burbank, CA to learn more about preventive measures for macular degeneration.

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