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Stye & Chalazion Causes & Treatments | Glendale, CA

While eye conditions often develop through aging or post-surgery, chalazions and styes are quite common across all ages and demographics. A chalazion or stye refer to whenever the skin around the eye starts to swell or bulge. A chalazion is often found around the edges of the eye or eyelid as they are due to oils trapped in the meibomian glands. A stye develops right on the eyelid, often due to an inflammation from an inflammatory infection.

Both a chalazion or stye should be brought to the attention of your local eye doctor in Burbank, CA. While these eye conditions aren’t urgent eye emergencies, early treatment can expedite the healing process from a few weeks to a number of days.

Please do not try to pop a stye or chalazion. They are due to an inflammation or blockage within the eye that require ointments, gentle cleaning, and warm compresses to treat. .

For more medical eye care, contact our practice today to schedule an eye exam to treat your stye or chalazion.