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Help! My Child Doesn’t Want to Wear Glasses!

Do your kids need glasses in order to see clearly? Maybe they have a strong case of nearsightedness, perhaps they have astigmatism, or another type of refractive error. Whatever the cause, getting your kids to wear eyeglasses can be a parenting challenge.

Dr. Gary Monji treats patients from all over Burbank, California with their vision correction needs. The knowledgeable, caring staff at Monji Optometry can help you and your kids if they’re struggling with their glasses or don’t want to wear them.

Why Won’t My Child Wear His or Her Glasses?

To help your children get the best vision possible, you first need to understand why they’re fighting with you over their glasses. It usually stems from something physical, emotional, or social, such as:

  • Wrong fit
  • Wrong prescription
  • Personal style
  • Reactions from friends

How do you know which it is? Pay close attention to the signs, from what your kids say, to how they behave, to how they interact with others.


Improper fit is a big reason why glasses could feel uncomfortable. If they slip down, itch behind the ears, or put pressure on the bridge of the nose, it can explain why a child wouldn’t like to wear them.

If there’s been a big change to their prescription, they may need time to get used to it. If they were given the wrong prescription, they may be straining their eyes, getting headaches, or having eye fatigue. An incorrect prescription can make wearing glasses painful or awkward. It doesn’t correct their vision, either, so they’ll still see blurry images. When this happens, your eye doctor can check the prescription and make an adjustment.


Your kids at home aren’t the same as your kids in school, on the sports field, or with their friends. They may be afraid of being made fun of in school, or they may not want the sudden attention on their appearance. These feelings can be even stronger among the tween and teen set.


Even young kids can feel different when they put on a pair of glasses, especially if it’s for the first time. Feeling different or weird, in their eyes, translates to a negative experience. When wearing glasses makes them feel like the odd man out, they may not want to wear them. The last thing your child wants is to feel like a social outcast. After all, everyone wants to belong.

How We Can Help

First, bring your child in to the eye doctor for an eye exam. Our optometrist, Dr. Gary Monji, will check to make sure that your child has the right prescription and that any vision problems are being corrected. Next, we’ll take a look at the glasses and place them on your child’s face to determine if they’ve got the proper fit. Our optician will take care of any adjustments that need to be made.

The Vision They Need, The Style They Want

Fashion isn’t only for adults. Your budding fashionista or trendy young stud wants to look awesome, so don’t forget about style. When your kids look great, they’ll feel great! Give them the top-quality eyewear they need without compromising on style. Your kids are a lot more likely to wear glasses when they like the way they look.

What You Can Do to Help

Encourage, stay positive, and don’t give up. Avoid telling them what you want them to wear. Let them choose for themselves. In the end, they’re the ones wearing the glasses. Making decisions is an important life skill, something they’ll need as they grow up and become more independent.

For younger children, use positive words to encourage them. Talk about how glasses are like magic, letting them see beautiful things around them. Show them how a pretty flower or a bright red truck looks with the glasses on, and how different it looks with the glasses off. For older kids, throw in a little pop culture. Tell them how trendy they’ll look by showing them pictures of celebrities who also wear glasses. You’ll also rack up some cool parent points.

At Monji Optometry, we have the experience and unique approach to children’s eyewear that will make your kids want to wear their glasses. Schedule an eye exam today – you can book an appointment online right here. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Glasses in Burbank, CA.

cheap broken glasses bandaid in Burbank, CAOur opticians have met a number of patients who stopped buying cheap pairs of eyeglasses from low-cost opticals or online stores. Although the price tag might be compelling, the problems associated with cheap deals often lead patients to private, reputable optometry practices like ours.

What were the most common problems with cheap glasses?

#1 Prescriptions were off, way off

The eye doctor could have written the correct prescription, but depending on the complexity of your vision, mistakes can happen with less competent locations. The situation only worsens because the online stores are harder to reach and replacing the wrong pair can become impossible. Most private optometry practices will honor a mistake and do their best to correct the situation.

#2 Coatings fail.

Adding the extra $5 for anti-reflective coating might sound great, but in a few weeks, these coatings can peel right off.

#3 Where do you go for Repairs?

If you bought a cheap pair of glasses that soon broke, a local optometry may provide a repair for a minimal fee. However, when a designer pair of glasses breaks, you’re often covered by the point of purchase. Any optometry recognizes that a solid pair of glasses should serve their purpose and can help repair most minor problems on the spot.

#4 Warranty with Purchase

Designer brand eyewear frequently includes a year warranty against defects. That means you’re guaranteed a year of usage from your new frames. Some people fail to see that 2 pairs of cheap glasses to last a year is likely more expensive than a designer pair of glasses or at the very least, far less quality.

#5 Supporting…who?

When you order online or an optical store, you may not know if it’s a chain of stores or a corporate giant. One benefit of buying glasses at a local optometry is that you’re supporting a local business, local families, and improve your relationship with your eye doctor.

If you want to know more about the advantages of purchasing eyeglasses at a private optometry, meet with one of our opticians. They’ll direct you to a pair of eyeglasses that will suit your visual needs, style, and budget.