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5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Glasses in Burbank, CA.

cheap broken glasses bandaid in Burbank, CAOur opticians have met a number of patients who stopped buying cheap pairs of eyeglasses from low-cost opticals or online stores. Although the price tag might be compelling, the problems associated with cheap deals often lead patients to private, reputable optometry practices like ours.

What were the most common problems with cheap glasses?

#1 Prescriptions were off, way off

The eye doctor could have written the correct prescription, but depending on the complexity of your vision, mistakes can happen with less competent locations. The situation only worsens because the online stores are harder to reach and replacing the wrong pair can become impossible. Most private optometry practices will honor a mistake and do their best to correct the situation.

#2 Coatings fail.

Adding the extra $5 for anti-reflective coating might sound great, but in a few weeks, these coatings can peel right off.

#3 Where do you go for Repairs?

If you bought a cheap pair of glasses that soon broke, a local optometry may provide a repair for a minimal fee. However, when a designer pair of glasses breaks, you're often covered by the point of purchase. Any optometry recognizes that a solid pair of glasses should serve their purpose and can help repair most minor problems on the spot.

#4 Warranty with Purchase

Designer brand eyewear frequently includes a year warranty against defects. That means you’re guaranteed a year of usage from your new frames. Some people fail to see that 2 pairs of cheap glasses to last a year is likely more expensive than a designer pair of glasses or at the very least, far less quality.

#5 Supporting...who?

When you order online or an optical store, you may not know if it’s a chain of stores or a corporate giant. One benefit of buying glasses at a local optometry is that you’re supporting a local business, local families, and improve your relationship with your eye doctor.

If you want to know more about the advantages of purchasing eyeglasses at a private optometry, meet with one of our opticians. They’ll direct you to a pair of eyeglasses that will suit your visual needs, style, and budget.